the restaurant is located in Ciciano,  between Chiusdino and Montieri, near by the Abbey of San Galgano and Montesiepi Hermitage

between Siena and Massa Marittima

Merse Valley  e Colline MEtallifere (Metaliferous Hills)

via Massetana, 3 - 53012 Ciciano (SI)

 T +39 0577 750206 M +39 3292708379


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What's up in the Kitchen

the recipes of Bistro dai Galli are union of traditional, family and fantasy cuisine...

the touch of personality that make in a dish a special twist

(thank you Martin, from Valdonica for this description :-) )

Bistrò dai Galli has a very personal spirit, it doesn't try to look like other restaurants, it has its own character, even in traditional recipes.

The menu is not fix, it changes often and tries to follow the seasons... some recipes are a must and they have to be on the menu even when it's not really its time to be...

One recipe above all, even if many characterize this small country side restaurant... 

PICI alle Briciole e Acciughe, "pici" are a traditional pasta of the southern Siena region, they look like very thick spaghettis, but the consistence is closer to gnocchi. The traditional sauces are with Aglione - a special large pink garlic tomato sauce, spicy or with "Briciole", crumble bread, garlic. In Bistrò Dai Galli there is, in the tomato period, June, July, August and sometimes even September, the Aglione recipe and all the year around the "Briciole", added with anchovies... a determined taste! 

Not all the recipes will be listed, There will be the cooking book.. already in doing....

Let's talk about Gnudi! "Gnudi" means naked, nude.. the name has much to do with the Tuscan joke life style, there's no pasta around, than it's nude... not dressed, it used to be the way to cook the excess filling of the ravioli (Ricotta and Spinach) and it became a tradition, a wonderful Ricotta and Spinach Gnocchi. When we prepare Ravioli in Bistrò Dai Galli, we do not use classic recipes, there's thousand possibilities, the classic Maremma Tortello will be prepared only if tender wild nettles is available. Quadrifogli al Gorgonzola are one of the fantasy ravioli of Bistrò Dai Galli, home made green spinach pasta, stuffed with a cream of gorgonzola and wallnuts in butter and sage sauce, delicate and elegant , in spring Roses bloom, as well in the kitchen, a tomato orange pasta is stuffed with ricotta and  asparagus, colorful, spring-tasty, in fall? Cappelli del Prete - Priest Hats - large round ravioli stuffed with mushrooms..  Each season its own fantasy!

Soups have a special chapter even if they aren't always listed on the menu! First, for its importance

is Chickpeas and Mushroom soup

"la famosa Ceci e Funghi",

a purred soup of chick peas with Porcini  Mushrooms and roasted bread by the side, simple and delicious, it retours again and again on the menu since 2006 and is copied by several restaurants in the region! My favorite is instead a summer tomato soup with pouched egg, I have a special "veneration" for tomatoes... 

And the very Tuscan ANTIPASTI?

We do have! and sell cured meat and pecorino in our shopping corner also to take away! The Ewe's milk cheeses are from  Monterotondo Marittimo! Local productions also for cured hams and salamis, it's home recipe, the "Crostini neri":  chicken liver croutons, beloved also by those who normally do not like it... In the chapter of antipasti the fantasy of Bistro dai Galli jumps to tender spinach salad with Grana Padano Flackes and Balsamico or Olive Nere alla Siciliana, a Orange Salad with celery, onion and black oven dry olives, fresh and aromatic, or you might find a sweet sauer salad of tripes... 

it also happens by Bistrò Dai Galli

And Meat? (LA CICCIA)?

We will lose the way home.. it's a long, long road if I should tell all about Dai Galli's recipes.... 

Let's anyway talk about the delicious Grilled Sirloin Beef steak served with arrugola and Grana Padano Flackes which give the turn to Sirloin in Green pepper sauce (a little hot... it heals any cold!), THE RABBIT IN BLACK OLIVES SAUCE, glazed in red wine, AMAZING! Would you mind talking about pork loin? In beer and vegetable garden spices, tender and juicy... ARISTA ALLA BIRRA E ERBE DELL'ORTO.

"LA PEPOSA"? It's a reinterpretation of the famous "Peposo di Impruneta", a traditional recipe, Dai Galli revisited recipe is less shocking, and still full of taste...

last recipe of this page... NOT TO BE MISSED

The drunken Chicken

One of the many recipe that found a special love in our guests is this special chicken recipe, baked and washed in wine and cognac, spicy... Because the menu changes continuosly, the restaurant has a Facebook page to connect to, where it's announces when we prepare this recipe. Thank you for connecting!

The Menu is anyway always published

on "The Fork" online reservation centre